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Convert your low-temperature heat into electricity !

Flexible !

Thanks to our modular turbine concept, each ORC can be set up differently according to customer parameters including thermapower, temperature levels, cooling system... It ensures maximum power output for a given set of parameters, and can work at full power with low temperature water from 80°C up to higher temperature superheated water.

Efficient !

Using our high speed turbine and powerful permanent magnet generator, as well as cutting edge grid feed inverters, our ORC technology is amongst the most efficient choices available on the market. Its numerically optimized and carefully manufatured bladings allow for maximum performance.

Reliable !

ENOGIA's patented cinetic turbine has no parts in friction, nor any part subject to erosion, resulting in very low wear and outstanding lifetime. The turbine is engineered to last as long as the complete plant, with a design target lifetime of 20 years. Furthermore, with correct maintenance and operation conditions, our system can last for decades.



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