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Since it was created in 2009, ENOGIA combines innovation and technical expertise in order to engineer high value systems.

Thanks to the experience from the design and production of high speed turbomachinery and thermodynamical system, ENOGIA offers its technological know-how to its customers into specific development projects.

ENOGIA has the ability to handle your project from early design stages to prototype testing and serial production. ENOGIA can handle your specific needs in order to guarantee the most efficient solution.

In France as well as worldwide, ENOGIA can handle the whole innovation and development cycle, from early research stage to producing at industrial scale :

  • Benchmark of technology by use of Functional Analysis, creativity and multi-criterion value analysis …
  • Preliminary studies with multidisciplinary expertises including system engineering, thermodynamics, fluid and structure mechanics, electricity and electronics, …
  • Detailed studies (detailed mechanical design, Process and Instrumentation Diagram, Finite Element Analysis, production and detailed drawings, …)
  • Detailed engineering of the system, PFD (Process Flow Diagram), PID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram), drawings, …
  • Production of prototypes, assembly, quality controls, testing, data analysis, …

Sectors :
Industry, Oil and gas, Energy, Transportation