13015 Marseille

Global warming and rise of fossil energy cost create a continuously growing need for renewable and clean energies. Because the price of oil, gas and electricity increases and will most likely keep this direction, local energy production and energetic efficiency improvement of processes, products and vehicules is a preffered direction for many companies.

This led four engineers to create the ENOGIA company which, thanks to its environmentally friendly ORC technology (ORC stands for Organic Rankine Cycle), brings efficient and clean energy solutions for industry, transportation and buildings.

ENOGIA designs and produces heat to power conversion systems, based on an innovative proprietary micro-turboexpander technology. Available primary energy sources can be : CSP solar, biomass, geothermal sources, Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) on industrial processes or internal combustion engines (use as a bottoming cycle)...

ENOGIA has been granted the “Young Innovative Company” label of the French Ministry of Research and has strategic partnerships with laboratories to improve and widen the field of use of heat to power solutions.